IT Support Services

Selection of SLAs that fit your requirements. Remote and On-site support.

  • Complete IT Support

    IT Outsource will be your IT department responsible for all IT processes at all levels

  • Joint IT Support

    IT Outsource highly skilled experts will closely cooperate with your IT department establishing a long lasting partnership in order to warrant all IT processes and reliability of the information flow

  • Specialized IT Support

    If your IT Company needs highly qualified professionals to take responsibility of your current clients’ complicated issues, do not hesitate to outsource the job to IT Outsource. Our experts will work closely with your internal resources to deliver solution even to the most complex problems. We be the 2nd and 3rd Level Support that your company needs

  • Project IT Support

    Do not go through the trouble of finding qualified expert to help you with temporary projects when you could outsource one of IT Outsource experts to do the job

Complete IT Support

IT Outsource Ltd. performs a daily monitoring of server platforms and data backups in order to be aware of the productivity, to avoid any hardware or software problems and to ensure the proper functioning of the server infrastructure.

When there is a problem report or a request from a client, the IT specialist of IT Outsource Ltd. connects to the network of the client via encrypted communication (VPN) and resolve the problem as soon as possible. When a specific problem occurs, that can not be resolved remotely, our IT specialist visit the customer on site.
How to report for a problem or request:

  • Phone.
  • On-line trouble ticket system.
  • E-mail.

Response Time:

For remote Access: IT specialists are going to resolve the problem immediately or no later than an hour.

On-site : If the problem requires a site visit, it is going to take from one to three hours, depending on the location and the traffic.