Make technology an ASSET for your business NOT a PROBLEM

Microsoft Azure

  • Build, deploy and manage virtual Windows and Linux servers using the cloud computing platform Microsoft Azure
  • Move faster, do more and safe money, because you do not need to invest resources to build and maintain your own data center. Protect your business with the most trusted cloud

Microsoft Office 365

  • The most secure office for your business
  • Receive all office applications fully installed
  • Access your documents from multiple devices
  • Access files and use your email anywhere – online and offline
  • Perform your tasks from any point of the world
  • Monthly secure updates and feature releases

KVM Virtualization

  • Optimize your expenses for hardware and build reliable on premises data center that requires zero cost of ownership and no vendor lock-in effect as well as reduced cost of deployment and maintenance
  • The most appropriate open source alternative to fully virtualize your IT resource

Easy Order Web Platform

  • Web based platform that manages all activities related to Order Process
  • The solution offers a fully integrated and automated process of data transfer to all related parties (end customer, manufacturer, warehouse, distributor)
  • Promotion campaigns
  • Reports
  • Customers’ notification via e-mail

Web based B2B & B2C solutions

  • We offer different web based B2B and B2C solutions as well as separate modules that could be fully integrated with your operating ERP system in order to optimize different business processes
  • We develop specific solutions that correspond to your exact business needs